So first of all,

No, you don’t need to spend lacs of rupees. No, you don’t need to be ‘in’ with the music industry anymore. And no, you certainly don’t need braids, a beard or a pimped belly to produce music.

If you’re reading this then it means you have as good a shot at making electro music as Zedd. Times have changed. Making music is easier than ever before! All you need is a computer, a software, and a pair of headphones. Apart from those 3? Well, don’t forget your creativity and spunk. Welcome to the world of electronic music.

Like we say, 15 or 50, you’re never too young or too old to learn something fun! The thought of creating music itself is so relieving, isn’t it? But let’s admit it, the idea of having people dance to your beats sounds pretty cool, especially if you’re just a teenager. Also, your parents may not mind it, given the insane early on developments one experiences while developing music – we’re talking language development, increased IQ, improved spatial skills!

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As for those of you still thinking, “Nope.. can’t be that easy, smh”

It is. It’s all about the simple blend of three acts, just as there’s a start-mid-end to anything!


Let’s imagine you’re making yourself a smoothie, what’s the process?

Gather the ingredients – Say you get a few superfruits, some nuts, berries, figs, and whatnot. In terms of music, it’s just as simple as finding and gathering ideas – beats, melodies, sounds, progressions, and more; creation.

Blend it up mix up all the fruits, see those different shades of colors blend into one. In E-music, it’s as simple as this smoothie, only difference is in music you structure it. Vocals, beats, effects, collate it in the sequence to create one sound; arrangement.

Top it up – Pour it, take a sip, see what it tastes like. Needs a little something less or more? Have at it! Your electro track is almost there, just needs a bit of refinement – tweak a sound, edit the flow or just adjust the levels, make it tasty; refinement.

See? Making electronic music isn’t easy because it doesn’t take time and you get instant gratification, it’s easy because it’s as accessible to you as it is to Daft Punk or Ingrosso or as it was to Avicii. That’s what makes it all the more exciting!

And apart from that, it takes so little of your day that it gives you the freedom to explore other creatives avenues.  

So, think E-music production is your next thing? Enrol now

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Srijan Mahajan


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