Aromatherapy is an ancient technique of using naturally extracted plant essences to promote wellness of the body, mind and spirit. Due to the inherent properties of the plant and the chemical composition of these natural potions they are good for a large array of things ranging from skin care, hair care to pain relief, massage and stress relief.


Although a large number of people pass off Essential Oils and Aromatherapy as new age jargon, Aromatherapy has its roots traced back to the ancient Egyptian civilizations which were more than 3500 years before the birth of Christ. They used various spices, flowers and herbs to make them into incenses, medicines, cosmetics and perfumes. Aromatic plants played a central role in the healing arts of early mankind. As the Egyptian empire fell, the techniques found their way to various parts of Europe through the years. The therapy flourished in Greece under the works of ‘The Father of Medicine’ – Hippocrates and then moved along the generations sparking interest of the people in the field of botanical sciences and its relation to human health and wellbeing. In the modern Era, French Chemist, Rene Gattefosse brought it back in the 1920’s when she realized its great healing potential. Post which essential oils were used to soothe soldier burns, wounds and help them deal with psychiatric problems during the First World War by Dr. Jean Valnet. 

Just understanding the basics of Aromatherapy can equip you with homegrown solutions for you and your loved ones.. listing a few below –

  • Specific hair oils for different hair & scalp conditions
  • Address different skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation along with specific face oils
  • Make pre or post work out massage or application oils for sore muscles & peak performance
  • Blend a pain relief massage oils for loved ones.
  • DIY headache roll-on
  • Specific blends for stress & anxiety
  • Uplifting diffusion blends
  • Foot soaks/ Bath Salts
  • Insect repellant sprays, oils & diffuser blends
  • DIY sleep-inducing roll-on blends
  • Blends for focus & concentration
  • Blends to combat common cold & congestion
  • Blends for hormone balancing
  • Blends for boosting your immune system

Apart from these solutions Aromatherapy also helps you get more connected and in tune with yourself. It helps you operate from an empowered state where you can handle a lot of minor inconveniences at home yourself in place of being dependent on outside sources. The awareness of handling indications from your own body, mind & soul helps pave a new path to wellness & holistic health.


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