With the improvement in the technology of phone cameras and the “share-it” mindset that apps such as Instagram have brought along, photography as a career has really boomed in the recent past. Presently, opportunities are plenty for photographers but as with everything else, they come with an equal amount of competition to be the best in the industry. As with any creative profession, one has to constantly keep upping your game to stay relevant and be future ready.

We live in a world full of instant photography, one where every smartphone has a camera which can freeze unlimited moments at the click of a button. This wasn’t possible as recently as two decades ago when owning a camera or getting a picture clicked was a luxury which only a privileged few could have. But the world today has evolved, all thanks to the smartphones’ superlative cameras which can click tones of videos and pictures. Freezing memories daily has become an irreplaceable part of our lives.

Considering how the fashion, media and advertising industry is flourishing, photography has been emerging as a very lucrative career opportunity worldwide. Photography is now perceived as a full-time career than just a hobby and there are so many diverse sub-sectors in this field that most aspiring photographers just don’t know where to start.

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Today, we are going to cover all these diverse sub-sectors of photography (other than starting your very own studio) so you can be better informed about which direction you want to head in when it comes to pursuing photography.

Photography course

1) Fashion Photography: Possible the most glamorous side of the industry, this will let you express a more artistic, surreal style of photography. The job includes taking pictures of models wearing high-end fashion, commercial fashion in a studio or swimsuits on a beach. Fashion photographers create fantasy images of the ‘ideal look’ which encourage consumers to buy certain clothes, makeup, jewellery and accessories.

2) Portrait Photography: 
Taking pictures of people, either individually or in groups is the job of a portrait photographer. It essentially involves capturing precious family moments which includes both portrait shots as well as candid shots that capture the intimacy of a relationship or a child’s milestone birthday. To become a professional portrait photographer, the most important thing is to excellent interpersonal skills apart from an eye to identify and capture the right moment.

3) Forensic Photography: 
This particular stint requires much more than just photography skills! A forensic photographer must possess a great deal of knowledge regarding human anatomy and forensic procedures since their images are used to support evidence in legal cases in the court of law. It largely involves depicting crime scenes from various angles and distances and the eligibility requirement varies from department to department but experience in police work, forensics, crime scene investigation and photography will make an application more competitive.   

4) Nature, Wildlife and Travel Photography: 
Taking pictures of all aspects of nature which includes scenery and animals both is what includes the job of nature and wildlife photographer. This includes photos of specific kinds of animals, animal action shots, underwater shots, weather phenomenon and many more and the career path includes learning about nature, how animals behave, when are they active, finding local natural spots and being patient since nature doesn’t give you what you need in an instant!

Travel photography

5) Military Photography: A day in the life of an Army photographer might involve everything from snapping candid photos of soldiers at work to recording battlefield action as it happens. But not everyone can just join the Army and pick up a camera. The opportunity to record the Army in action takes special skills and specific training. As a military photographer, your photos would be used for recruitment, educational purposes, and historical documentation, similar to photojournalism.

6) Photojournalist: 
It is an art of creating a visual representation of a newsworthy event where words fall short. It most certainly is a broad career, since the field is extremely diverse, from international issues to local sports events and it comes with its own set of challenges. It’s one of the toughest fields to break into and requires a lot of passion and perseverance. To get into this field, photographers often get into a job at a newspaper or magazine. There’s a long period of freelance work also as you slowly build your portfolio and network.

7) Photo editor or digital imaging editor: This career is for those who have a keen eye in selecting the right image for a story and editing them for a magazine or a publication. The most essential skill is to have an eye for excellent photos and many times edit the photo to make it work for the specific purpose. A photo editor should understand how people react to pictures and should have a keen eye for detail.

Is photography your passion? Are you interested in freezing moments which will be cherished for generations? If it is so, check out our photography course on our website now and start the journey as a photographer!

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