The art of weaving a story through images is a craft that only a few have mastered. It requires patience, creativity and an original idea which is complemented by abstract thought. Here are some insanely conceptualized fashion shoots by Indian photographers, that we have absolutely  fallen in love with! 

Ishaan Nair 

We love the warm tones and the uniqueness of this image! It brings out an almost fun-but- chill kind of vibe through all the beautiful bright colors. The picture is a reminder of the good and the not so good times we have had hanging out with our mates in our comfort zone.

Ishaan Nair

Nirvair Rai 

Fashion, according to Nirvair, is about people wearing clothes rather than just clothes exclusively. This beautiful image is of a real-life vagabond from Pushkar, a Banjara Kalbeliya woman. She looks comfortable and is glowing with happiness while wearing a boho-inspired dress designed by Ishita Verma. We love the use of natural outdoor lighting and the natural setting. And not to forget, that lovely carefree smile! 

Nirvair Rai

Nayantara Parikh 

This tribute to Frida Kahlo is called Blue House. Conceptualized by Nayantara and Karuna, this is one of the most mesmerizing shoots we have come across! We love the unique elements like the langoor, the Ogaan dress that Karuna is wearing, the beautiful tables and the patterned floor. The light falls beautifully on the subjects face which makes the picture almost surreal. 

Nayantara Parikh

Aman Makkar 

In this conceptual shoot called Where The Wild Things are Aman Makkar captures the raw aesthetic of the wild with horses. The photo gives us an essence of the wilderness while creatively using the lighting on the model.  

Aman Makkar

Lekha Rathnam x Divya Balakrishnan

Ace photographer Lekha Rathnam and Bengaluru based fashion stylist Divya Balakrishnan collaborated on this conceptualized shoot called Mylapore which depicts the beauty of the community in Tamil Nadu. This unique shoot attempts to capture Tamil heritage in a simple yet authentic manner. 

Lekha Rathnam



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