Are you an aspiring filmmaker and want to make a movie? Do-It-Yourself! Passionate about stand-up comedy and creating funny videos? You can Do-It-Yourself! Interested in becoming a fashion stylist and working for a shiny, glossy magazine? We’re happy to report that it’s possible to Do-It-Yourself. Given that the Internet has made access to information so ridiculously easy, it’s a shame not to use all the tools and resources that are at your disposal to pursue your passion. Or at least, get started! Welcome to the DIY generation.

For instance, if you’re interested in the craft of filmmaking, you don’t have to wait to apply to a fancy school, shell out exorbitant fees and then spend the next five years shadowing a director (all of which are good things to do, nonetheless). You can take what you have (a speedy WiFi connection and a notebook) and start learning, thanks to free tutorials and content that are available online today. We’ve rounded up seven YouTube channels that will help you get started on your journey to being a successful filmmaker, provided that you’re willing to put in the work. These are: 

Filmmaker IQ

Perfect for beginners

Just starting out? Check out Filmmaker IQ (both the YouTube channel as well as the website) that is built for first-time movie makers and hobbyists. You will learn the craft of filmmaking, the history of films as well as the technical skills that most directors need. In addition, Filmmaker IQ deep dives into how stuff works as well, so you have a more rounded understanding, rather than a superficial idea, of the different aspects of filmmaking.  

Dave Dugdale

Perfect for geeks

Learn with Dave Dugdale who takes his viewers on rollercoaster rides as he shares everything he knows about cameras, equipment and post-production software. If you love comparison videos, Dave does a lot of them so you’ll want to hit that subscribe button. 

Tom Antos

Perfect for open-minded learners

The director, cinematographer and VFX enthusiast has uploaded over 500 videos that include everything from his Filmmaker Rants to tips on how to buy gear, and his own short films, making it ideal for every aspiring filmmaker and cinema enthusiast. 

Philip Bloom

Perfect for cinematographers

Product reviews, informative articles and filmmaking resources—the suave cinematographer, Philip Bloom has worked for Lucasfilm, CNN, Sky and the BBC, while also running this one-stop-shop channel for those interested in the craft of moving images. 

Every Frame a Painting

Perfect for writers

While the channel is no longer active, its creators, Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou created a repository of video essays that explore film form. Critical scenes of award-winning movies are deconstructed, soundtracks are analysed and narrative techniques are unpacked.  

Film Riot

Perfect for amateurs. 

Run by Ryan Connolly, an American filmmaker, Film Riot has been described as an on-demand film school by It has lots of helpful tips and tricks and also takes you live on set, so you can see exactly what a day in the life of a director looks like. 

Indy Mogul

Perfect for independent filmmakers.

With over a thousand tutorials, Indy Mogul is a great place to learn about the different nuanced aspects of the craft, including how to shoot cinematic interviews, music videos and short documentaries. 

Want to know learn the craft of filmmaking? Join our filmmaking capsule course today! 

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