At Project Mynt, we’re not only trying to widen your horizons so you can explore different interests and passions but also equip you with the skills to chase them. Including how to make the most of what you have. It’s simple really. Want to get fit? Don’t let an expensive gym membership get in the way of your goal; just go for a run. Want to learn how to edit videos? Start on your phone with free YouTube tutorials instead of waiting to get professional software and powerful computers. Interested in photography? Give your phone camera a shot. 

The point is to work with what you’ve got rather than procrastinating about what you don’t; taking the first step is always the hardest, but it can set the course for a lifelong, fulfilling journey. To that end, we’re rolling out our DIY series, or a compilation of easy hacks, comprehensive guides and instructional videos so you can get started with whatever it is that makes you excited to get out of bed every single day. No more waiting around for the right moment, the DIY series is about making every single moment count instead. 

For instance, if you’re interested in making films but can’t wrap your head around production costs involved with renting studios or making a full fledged set , here is our list of completely free locations for you to shoot at in Delhi. All you need to carry is your equipment, a compelling story and laser sharp focus on what you want your future to look like.  

 Lodhi Garden

On a good day, Lodhi Garden is absolutely stunning; the landscaped lawns are strewn with beautiful, flowering trees, demarcated by stone walkways, and marked by three picturesque tombs from the 15th century. The perfect setting for fitness videos, short films and lifestyle montages, Lodhi Garden opens bright and early at 5am. 

Lodhi Colony Art District

Lodhi Colony underwent an incredible transformation from a sleepy neighbourhood market into a thriving, vibrant art district with stunning graffiti and murals. Perfect at golden hour, and near-perfect the rest of the day, we recommend filming dramatic backdrops in this part of town. 

Hauz Khas Village and Lake

Not just every kind of watering hole, Hauz Khas Village also has a lot of filming locations–from the mysterious fort, the bustling market or the serene lake. The narrow bylanes are perfect for edgy fashion films or sketches. The running track near the lake can obviously be used to shoot both health and lifestyle videos such as restaurant round-ups. The park just outside the village compound is also worth exploring. 

Old Delhi’s Spice Market

Want to try your hand at documentary filmmaking? Head to Old Delhi’s Spice market, located in Gadodia market in Khari Baoli. Not just for the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the spice market’s greatest draw is that it is steeped in history and full of stories. You never know which one will inspire you. 

Champa Gali

Love love stories? Shoot a short one at this hidden gem in Saidulajab. Tucked away in Saket, away from traffic and real life, Champa Gali feels like a time portal back to simpler times. The entire lane is adorned with fairy lights and comes alive at night. 

If you’ve started making your own films and are interested in learning more about the craft of filmmaking, join us for our Filmmaking capsule starting on the 17th of August where over the course of 3 weekends, you will explore what goes into making a film by working with industry experts and making your own short film on professional equipment. Call us on +91-8448550445 for more details!

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