The fact that entrepreneurship is life-changing is hardly disputable; the greatest minds of our time have testified to it. Best articulated by Skype co-founder, Niklas Zennstrom, entrepreneurship is an all-consuming, ever-gratifying, frustratingly wonderful way of living. He said, “If you want to be an entrepreneur, it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. It defines you. Forget about vacations, about going home at 6 PM. Last thing at night you’ll send emails, first thing in the morning you’ll read emails, and you’ll wake up in the middle of the night. But it’s hugely rewarding, as you’re fulfilling something for yourself.”

And that’s key isn’t it? The fact that you’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur means that you’ve decided to commit yourself to a single cause, your own cause, and work towards it for (hopefully) the rest of your life. So how does this change you? What are the so-called ‘symptoms’ of being your own boss? We list the ways in which being an entrepreneur can alter you forever: 

    1. You’re excited to go to work every single day because you love what you do
    2. You start evaluating things critically. If you’re making the decisions, you need to ensure you’re making the right ones. And this tendency tends to spill over in your everyday life as well; everything (from your preferred cup of coffee to the layout of your office) needs to be planned for maximum satisfaction. 
    3. Your problem-solving nature means that everything has the potential to be your next thing, or a great business opportunity. 
    4. You’ve learnt how to deal with failure so that it doesn’t  get in the way of your dream. 
    5. The most impressive quality in other people, according to you, is passion. 
    6. You can never switch your brain off; it’s always working, always thinking of how to scale and improve your company. 
    7. You understand the importance of up-skilling, and so you never stop learning new things. 
    8. You become a risk-taker; after all, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. 
    9. You enjoy meeting new people and forging new connections. 
    10.  You realise the importance of hard work and so you put in the hours required for success. 
    11. The comfort zone is just an illusion–one that you’ve broken already. You’re always willing to try new things and go where no one has before.
    12. You become a teacher and a student, all at the same time–happy to pass on your experience, while always eager to learn from the experiences of others. 
    13. You’re always on time
    14. You’re great in a crisis; having successfully dealt with so many at work, you’re a pro at handling messy situations 
    15. You become a more confident person. Your faith in your own abilities, as well as your idea, is reaffirmed and touches every other aspect of your life as well.

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Aayush Narang


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