It’s not the phone that’s the problem; it’s what you use it for. Lots of people are increasingly responding to criticism that smartphones make you dumber, with this argument. If used right, they say, then your smartphone can become a gateway to knowledge – whether by helping you learn a language, reading more books or facilitating community-based interaction. The same rule applies to social media; you could mindlessly scroll through your feed or use the app to grow your mind and learn new things. From how to look after your potted plants to making more sustainable fashion choices to how to run a company. To that end, we’ve shortlisted five inspiring Instagram accounts that entrepreneurs-in-the-making or start-up founders should be following. They are: 

Everette Taylor

Taylor has a pretty impressive resume; the CEO of ET Enterprises, he controls multiple million-dollar companies including Millisense, Popsocial and Growth Hackers. A high school dropout, the marketing genius founded his first company (an event management technology company, EZ events) when he was 19. Two years later, he sold it successfully and went on to build many profitable brands and even feature on Forbes 30 under 30. 

What’s on his IG? Taylor uses the platform to share snippets of his talks or interview articles. 


Gary Vaynerchuck

The CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports, Gary Vaynerchuk is as solid an investor as they come. He invested in companies like Venmo, Twitter and Facebook early on and, today, has massive street cred. 

What’s on his IG? Vaynerchuck is a straight-shooter and, so, his feed is full of no-bullshit advice and cautionary tales, like this one-minute clip on what he believes is the worst financial strategy of all time. 

Natalie Franke

Natalie Franke was a wedding photographer, is an entrepreneurship coach, a brain tumor survivor, and founder of the Rising Tide Society that’s vision is perfectly encapsulated in her hashtag #communityovercompetition. Franke’s Rising Tide Society organises monthly meetups for entrepreneurs, so everyone can learn together and grow together. 

What’s on her IG? The sun-lit feed’s most wonderful feature, although the pictures of Franke and her family are a close second, are thought-provoking yet easily-digestible nuggets of information for a new generation of kind entrepreneurs. And customers – like this post on what small business owners wish they could tell you. 

Amber Lilyestrom

Lilyestrom’s bio reads “I help visionary women monetize their dreams ✨CEO / Wife+Mama / Brand + Biz Coach”.  She’s an author, branding strategist, podcaster and a business coach who uses Instagram to inspire and remind her followers that you can do it all. 

The creator of the Ignite Your Soul Summit, she believes that the key to success is to build a brand you love, constantly evolve and, most importantly, recognise your potential. 

What’s on her IG? The most striking feature is the collection of monochromatic text posts with simple, yet important, truths. Like this indisputable fact:  “When you know who you are and what you’re here for – everything becomes really simple.” 

Startup Creative

A growing repository of information, curated by Kaylene Langford, Startup Creative  entrepreneurs from all over the world. One of the best things about this account is that it gives followers a closer look at how the best in the business made it really big. 

What’s on their IG? Make sure you check out the highlights for recommendations and “free advice” on how to steer your company to success. 

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you can also check out other content like this (as well as details about our upcoming capsule course on


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