Dek : Saving up to buy an expensive DAW to start producing your own music? Don’t! Here’s a list of completely free DAW’s that you can use to start producing your own music TODAY!

If you are wondering how to start your journey in producing music, you’re gonna need a DAW or Digital Audio Workstation which will be the centre piece of your production setup. Irrespective of the genre of music or your proficiency as a musician, you will need a DAW to see your musical dreams turn into reality. DAW’s have made music production more accessible and easier than before, but can be a bit pricey to buy, especially as a beginner. To help you out with this, we’ve put together a list of some that are completely free to use and will get you started immediately with your journey in music production!

Audacity was released in 2009, and it is 100-percent free to record and edit music. It works with all operating systems, and you can download it right away. Audacity provides everything to help record audio on a timeline. You can record live audio, convert tapes and records into digital recordings, edit AIFF, WAV, FLAC, MP3, MP2, and OGG Vorbis files. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Ardour is a complete digital audio workstation for any sound recording guru. It can replace analog and digital tape systems. You can play around with plenty of Plugins with Full Sample Accurate Automation. It has powerful anywhere-to-anywhere signal routing, video timeline, and works on both OS X and Linux platforms.

DarkWave Studio
DarkWave Studio is a real-time sound editor for you to compose music using any computer. It has a tabbed interface with VST Plug-in support and limitless choices when it comes to special effects and instruments. Works only on Windows.

LMMs is a free cross-platform DAW that you can produce music with on any computer. It creates unique beats and melodies and is a breeze to mix sounds and arrange samples. It works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Rosegarden is an editing and music composition environment based on a MIDI sequencer featuring a rich understanding of music notation. It also includes intuitive ways to record and edit notes, the ability to manage MIDI ports, controllers, and banks without recalling numbers, audio mixing and effects, and hosted synths for MIDI tracks. Rosegarden works exclusively with Linux.

As the famous band, MusE is also a creative genius with its MIDI/Audio sequencer and recording and editing abilities. This is the best multi-track virtual studio for Linux platforms. You can get Realtime recording and playback for any mono or stereo inputs.

GarageBand is one of the simplest ways to create incredible sound if you are using a Mac. You can add impeccably produced realistic sounds with drum grooves to shake things up. You can create nearly 255 tracks and use iPad and Multi-Touch gestures to play any GarageBand instrument wirelessly on the Mac platform.

Qtractor is a free audio and MIDI multi-track music production software. It provides the most efficient multi-track audio, MIDI recording, and sequencing with a traditional multi-track tape recorder control paradigm. You can get non-linear and non-destructive editing for an unlimited number of tracks in each project, and it is downloadable on the Linux platform.

Reaper, is the ALMOST free DAW that will get you up and running in no time. Packed with functionality and supporting all pro features, the DAW is free to download and use for 60 days after which a one time registration fee of 60$ (next to nothing!) is applicable for individual licenses.

Temper, though not categorically a DAW, is a MIDI and audio sequencer which can easily integrate with any software using a basic drag-and-drop function. It offers powerful MIDI editing, performance time, interactive algorithmic composition tools, sophisticated manipulation, and event routing, with a multicore audio engine.

Got your hands dirty with these DAW’s and want to take your music production skills to the next level? Check out our “Experiences” page for amazing workshops and capsules in music production, mixing fundamentals and more.

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