India is a country where people are slowly recognizing sports as an economic sector which has resulted in growing number of leagues coming up such as Indian Premier League, Hockey Premier League, Pro Kabaddi, Indian Super League etc. In the past few decades, the sports industry has emerged as one of the most lucrative career opportunity that one could imagine, with a plethora of opportunities. 

Career in sports management

Although most people who aim to have a career in sports wish to be sports stars representing their country in national and international tournaments, the increasing opportunities present today mean playing the sport is not the only way to be a part of it. The sports industry is interdisciplinary and has segments like sports media, team administration, sports medicine, and sports management. Sports management is a lucrative career option for sports lovers, especially for those who have an administrative bent of mind and good managerial skills. It is the business dynamics and applications side of sports which are the driving force of the sports industry. Sports managers are the ones running operations which comprise of the business end of the industry and as such work with colleges, clubs, universities, recreational departments and sports marketing firms for retailing, branding, merchandising, financing, marketing, and operational aspects of the industry. They can be sports administrators, event managers, facility managers, sports economists or information experts.

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Starting out in Sports Management

To enter the management side of sports, it’s not necessary to be a sports person. If you are passionate about sports and have the requisite knowledge of the sports industry, you are good to go. This role requires a combination of multiple skills like planning, directing, controlling, organizing, budgeting, leading and evaluating a sports event. To pursue a career in this field, it’s advisable to take up commerce in high school because this has subjects like Business Study, Economics, Accounts etc which help to set a strong foundation of business concepts and global awareness. Sports Management is a relatively new concept in India so the options for colleges are limited as of now, however, there are multiple universities abroad that let you explore Sports Management as a career. Here is the list of colleges in India who have started coursed in Sports Management:

  • National Academy of Sports Management, Mumbai – BBA in Sports Management
  • George College, Kolkata, West Bengal – BA in Sports Management
  • Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal – BA in Sports Management
  • International Institute of Sports Management (IISM), Mumbai – BA in Sports Management

A course in sports management covers subjects like sports management theory, sports marketing, fundraising, promotions, public relations, ethics in sports management, legal aspects of the sport, facility planning and management and risk management.

The Scope of Sports Management

Globally, the sports sector is estimated to be worth $ 460-620 billion. With the advent of sports leagues in the past few decades, the sports industry in India is flourishing. The existing market of the sporting industry in India is only going to expand in the coming years. With an ever growing economy and a newfound passion for sport among the masses, there is a very high potential for growth in the industry. This industry in India has an immense potential for expansion in the existing market. With the number of large sporting events that take place in India, the TV and marketing rights provide growing business opportunities for many organizations. Moreover, with the advent of sporting leagues for other sports besides cricket have diversified the industry resulting in it growing by the day.

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