Snehil Mishra is an Economics Graduate with over five years’ work experience with The Northern Trust Company and BNP Paribas. However, a job that had Mishra striking Net Asset Value for hedge funds was not what Mishra wanted, and so he chose to follow his passion—making movies. 

Currently working with Delhi-based production house, Swastika Films as a creative, he has written three feature-length screenplays and directed various ad films over his career. Mishra has also shot an entire film on a smartphone, that went on to be screened at The African Smartphone International Film Festival. His full-length feature debut, Tahravi is now doing the festival circuit, meanwhile he has already started working on the script for this next feature film.

Currently leading the filmmaking capsule at Project Mynt, we caught up with Mishra to ask him what it takes to turn your passion into your profession: 

The most crucial skill for a filmmaker? 

Skills! They include a burning desire to tell a story the way you see it, a willingness to learn from your mistakes (making them is inevitable!) and the ability to see things from a different perspective. 

 The best piece of advice you have ever gotten

 “The best camera is the camera you have.”  

The biggest roadblock you encountered during your professional career, and how you overcame it

As budding filmmakers, it will always be difficult to find people who believe in your vision enough to fund your film. They will evaluate if you are just another dreamer or a doer, and the only way to prove you are serious about it is to make films with whatever means you have available. 

Great filmmakers like (Christopher) Nolan or Lars Von Tier started making films with whatever resources they had, and were eventually noticed for their creativity. 

A good filmmaker is…

Someone who can bring her/his concepts to life. 

A mentor that influenced you…

I spent six months hanging out at the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune and I met a few people there who deeply influenced my journey as a filmmaker. It was here that I realised that it is the romance of filmmaking that keeps us going. I also understood that most filmmakers strive to bridge the gap between telling a story that people want to see to telling a story they want the world to see. 

A word to the incoming batch of your next filmmaking capsule

Get ready to make your film!  

Join Snehil at the filmmaking capsule this August. Course begins on the 17th. Click here to know more and enroll. 

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