4 Things To Think About Before You Pick A Stream In Class 11

It’s the year 2008 and you’re about to go off to college, at a time when the world is still discovering social media. A world of possibilities lies ahead of you, and this is the beginning of your future. You can decide what you want to become by carefully examining and evaluating careers that didn’t even exist a decade ago. In all probability, the field you’re thinking of joining was either not very famous or even completely non-existent at that time. This is the boon of living in 2019. The world is flexible, reachable, and responsive from the go. Two decades ago, you probably couldn’t even imagine stepping into something called Data Science or Digital Marketer. Now is the time. This is your time, to pick your choice, to pick your stream of study. 

So, how do you go about it?

Firstly, if you haven’t chosen a stream in 10th then you’ll want to use this time to decide where your interests lie and what you’re good at it., It’s that simple! Don’t think computers or commerce, think about your hobbies, your passion, subjects that you know you’d love to deep-dive into.  

The ordinary and unsound approach is – 

They ask you to pick a stream. You do. 

They ask you to choose a course and a college. You make a choice. 

They ask you to get an internship or give you one. You get it. 

Then you ask yourself, “Do I really want to be doing this?”

That’s where the problem is. Reverse the cycle! It’s really that simple. 

Don’t worry about picking a profession at this stage; instead, think about what it is that you’re good at and you enjoy doing. These are the two most important factors. The money and the recognition come later. 

Explore and experience

When I was younger, I used to go to my older cousin’s office every once in a while. Back in 2011, he had founded his own company after having worked for a few years in his field, and he was the first entrepreneur I ever met. In retrospect, he was the person who made me fall in love with entrepreneurship. This couldn’t have happened with me sitting in a class room. So after school, start visiting workspaces of those professions that you think you’d like. 

The vibe, the people, how they function, notice everything and then write off the ones that don’t appeal to you at all. Slowly and steadily you’ll see how it all starts making sense. You’ll notice how multiple careers start with a single stream, giving you that much more confidence and clarity in what you want to choose and pursue in school as a start. 


Such a big word, isn’t it? Networking! It’s all a big hoax, honestly. We humans start networking the second we’re able to talk and the minute we’re able to have a conversation. There’s nothing complex about it. Everyone can do it. How? What was your last outing? Think about that. How many people did you speak to? Bet there weren’t people from just one age group. What were you doing? You were networking. People are your greatest asset in life. 15 or 50, that holds true for everyone. 

Reach out to the people you confide in. They could be your school mates or even friends of your parents. Keep in touch. Talk to them, ask them, seek them out so they can help you understand where your interests lie. You never know what insight you might end up with. 

Rewards are king

When I was younger, people (including those closest to me), used to tell me how badly they wanted to become rich, there a few who wanted to become famous, there were also those who said they just wanted to own the most expensive car in the world. The point is that people are always telling you what they want in return for what they do, the things which drive them. I just never paid that much attention back then. 

Notice that about yourself – what sort of riches are you looking for in return? Let that become your greatest motivation and don’t wait till you start working. Dream it, plan it, and start building it – right now. I promise you, it’ll come in abundance if you’re sure of it.  

Use your worldwide reach

Can we please realise that we’re living in 2019? The time where you can literally call anybody to see their face at any time, for free. Use that. Reach out to icons that work in a field that you’re interested in, tell them what you’re thinking about, ask them whatever you want. Use their experience to define how good yours is going to be. And don’t worry about them not replying, if you reach out to ten people, you can be sure one of them will respond. 

This is also a great way of networking, by the way. There’s literally no one that can’t be reached out to today. Use it in your favor. 

These four factors are something that won’t just help you, but will ensure that you end up picking more than a stream in school or a course in college. It’ll help you find out your passion and help you get where you want to be. 

If you’re still confused about it, reach out to us in the comments below, we’d love to help! 

All you need to know about Project Mynt

Education is the essence of every individual. Every person in this world deserves to be educated, though its meaning or perspective might differ.

Understanding the education and skill gap

The current education system in India suffers from some serious gaps. Many people prefer good marks or grades over being knowledgeable. Some more issues that are impacting students these days are –

>> Lack of encouragement to think out of the box
>> Outdated curriculum
>> Absence of experiential learning

The Indian education system focuses so much on rote-learning and the rat race philosophy that we fail to give our kids an avenue to explore, learn and express who they are and what they want to do.

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Are we preparing students for employment?

Now that’s one essential question we should be asking ourselves as educators. The substandard quality of education has its fall out wherein those graduating struggle to find work. The results of assessment across the country on skills sets like communication, numerical and logical ability and domain knowledge indicate a very inadequate state of affairs. Owing to the deficient quality of education at home, Indian students now spend no less than $7000 million to go abroad and study in foreign universities. They eventually stay back in that country and ultimately become NRIs.

This gap in the education space resulted in the existence of Project Mynt  My Next Thing which is founded by 3 bright and creative minds: Ankur Kampani, Srijan Mahajan and Aayush Narang. The three founders have closely experienced the struggles associated with breaking stereotypes and thinking out of the box. The existence of Project Mynt is to serve as a bridge to help the student identify if their “Next Thing” is a hobby or a career.

How does Mynt solve this gap?

Project Mynt aims towards evolving the current education ecosystem by making practical knowledge and interest levels as major contributors to one’s career choice. It strives to provide the greatest “value-add” to students with real-world knowledge and experience to help them make better career choices.

Mynt intents to give a real-life experience to students on what a career actually entails. And that’s what makes it special and essential. It provides an insight into careers that are going to take over the world in future and for which there is currently limited infrastructure or space in our education program.

Courses that are designed to help you succeed

The list of courses that we provide are all unconventional streams which are great career aspects but due to lack of proper knowledge, students tend to brush them aside. The curriculums for these courses have been designed by the industry experts and will also be facilitated by the experts who have themselves taken the similar path.

Such courses are important to ensure that students deep dive into the curriculum, have the practical essence, and get to motivate and inspire themselves to seek their career paths more confidently as well as consciously.

In a nutshell, Project Mynt is all about providing a conducive environment that supports our constant pursuit of knowledge and development. It is a movement for the betterment and awareness of students. Know more about this wonderful initiative here!