Why You Should Sign Up For Project Mynt’s Music Production Capsule


Yes, it sounds like it would be really cool to be a music producer but, we assure you, there’s so much more to this new-age career than meets the eye. Given that Project Mynt is committed to encouraging Gen-Z to explore and, hopefully, pursue unconventional jobs, the first thing we need to do is to generate awareness about the mindset and the workflow of a music producer. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not an assembly line-like process, and neither is it easy. 

Moreover, we believe that the typical entrant or aspirant to this industry suffers from a lack of understanding, not only with regards to protocol, but also the definition of the role of a music producer. 

Given that there’s actually a very large chunk in the demographic at the level of the uninformed and uncounselled aspirant who is seeking out information to cement their inclination towards music production, we saw the need for this course. Every producer worth their salt will vouch for it; there’s a shocking lack of resources available to absolute beginners, and veterans say that it would have been beneficial to have had the opportunity to enroll for a course like this in the nascent stages of their own careers.

Though it’s designed as a very brief introduction, our carefully-curated curriculum definitely serves as a gateway to an informed critical first step.

What’s in the curriculum? 

Structured over six weeks, the curriculum for the EMP capsule course aims to present the requirement(s), need and path of a music producer and works towards setting expectations in terms of what one needs to do to begin to develop the mindset this journey requires. 

Our approach involves outlining the tools that are currently available, and what these can become in the hands of an able producer. We want our students to define and challenge their limits, and begin the process of identifying and creating a personality that will influence the way they look at music-making. Forever. musi

If you think that Electronic Music Production could be your next thing, head to www.projectmynt.com for more details.

Student Speak – What the first batch of Project Mynt’s music production capsule have to say

The entire song production process over six fulfilling weeks – our Music Production capsule has been curated to show students how to leverage existing tools and technology to make music. The curriculum is an overview of the key aspects of the production process, starting from the fundamentals of sound and music theory to the core processes applied within digital audio workstations. Having completed the first round of capsules, we decided to stop telling you why you should sign up for our immersive courses. Instead, we asked our students what they thought of this one-of-a-kind education experience. Here’s a gist of what they had to say:

Udit Godyal, student – Music Production capsule 

“It (the course) was really amazing since I was able to get answers to all my questions and know exactly what I wanted to learn. For me, that was a desire to understand how the music industry works and how to get into the scene. The faculty was really good and made everything easily digestible with their fun, interactive method of teaching.” 

Naman Keshri, student – Music Production capsule 

“The six-day experience was like a sneak peak into the next phase of my life. If the field of music is full of grand and beautiful trees, Gaurav Chintamani sir gave me the seeds of those trees. I am planting what I learnt every day since I completed the capsule course so I can keep growing with music and also make it sound mine. Sir is a universe of information and one of the greatest musicians I’ve ever met, his words gave me chills – they have so much weight and worth! He used the simplest things which together sounded so complex. 

In fact, the most surprising thing about my experience was learning about the music-making process. Seeing how synthesisers work, mixing, music theory, gathering sounds from your surroundings atmosphere and making music out of it – by the time Gaurav sir mixed a song made by my friend, I discovered a “oneness” where all the elements have their own significance but together they make music. The capsule course connected music to the deepest level, by tapping into my state of mind. 

Electronic Music Production is definitely my next thing. Being a songwriter and the vocalist of a band, I found that it is the way to make my music bigger and to bring out my feelings and ideas together in the greatest possible form.”

Garv Grover, student – EMP capsule 

“As someone who’s been producing music for about two-three years now, there were definitely some gaps in my own understanding that I needed to fill with professional guidance and mentoring. Over the duration of the course, not only did I learn a great deal about music production but also about the kind of personality and approach a music producer should have.  

One of the most special experiences was watching my own composition evolve to a whole other level when Gaurav sir mixed it to demonstrate the essentials of mixing music. I  believe that was the best way to conclude the entire Music Production programme. 

The course also showed me that Mr. Gaurav Chintamani is the mentor I always needed yet never had. After the very first session, I felt as though the huge roadblocks in my understanding of music were all being cleared. It’s been more than a month since the last session but I still find myself thinking “What would Gaurav sir do if he were in my place?” when I encounter a problem.  

Simply put, it’s been a hell of a ride.”

To find out if music production is your next thing, join us for our EMP capsule starting on the 24th of August at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication. 

Five Recording Studios in Delhi that are perfect for Amateurs

It can be pretty intimidating to take the plunge and record your first song but the right studio can make all the difference. With testimonials from Project MyNT co-founder and the drummer of Parikrama, Srijan Mahajan, we’ve put together a list of the five best music recording studios in Delhi to record your first song at. Marked by solid infrastructure, the support of gifted producers and good vibes only, these spaces are amateur-friendly so that all you need to carry with yourself is your song and a little bit of faith.


Quarter Note Studios

Located in a quiet residential colony in South Delhi, Quarter Note has an amazing sounding room, a great collection of mics, and fantastic coffee. Some of India’s best indie musicians have recorded their music at this legendary studio that has been around since the early 2000s, and the space certainly feels special. If you’re looking for a space that will inspire creativity, and a hit song, this is the place to check out.

Testimonial: “I have recorded two full albums here, and had the best time with Gaurav Chintamani,the owner. Brutally honest, he’s always given me constructive criticism and pushed me to deliver better sounding takes that, despite being jarring to some, worked very well for me. The veteran producer runs Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication’s audio program, and is also a facilitator of the Electronic Music Production capsule at Project MyNT.”

Where: Basement, A-196, Shivalik Colony, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, 110017

Connect with Quarter Note Studios here.


Ferris Wheel Studios

Gurgaon’s Ferris Wheel Studios is the perfect place to collaborate; you can connect with industry professionals–from songwriters to vocalists and producers–at this studio, if you need a little extra help. Although it’s a little out of the way, Ferris Wheel’s amazing rooms and infrastructure make it worth the trek (if you’re based in New Delhi). This is the go-to studio for most independent artists in the capital, at the moment.

Testimonial: “Having recorded a bunch of times here, I can safely say this is one of the most professional studios in Delhi NCR. Equipped with painstakingly-designed and meticulously-executed live and control rooms, multiple segregated spaces and some great gear, it is a world class studio.”

Where: 59/60, 2nd Floor, Old Judicial Complex, Sector-15/Civil Lines, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Connect with Ferris Wheel Studios on Facebook, Instagram or their website.


Ghar ka Studios

The site where more than twenty albums have been produced, Ghar Ka Studios is run by seasoned independent musicians, Ritwik De and Amar Pandey. Facilities include high quality recordings, multi tracking, and three treated rooms for tracking/mixing and mastering, and it can be booked out for everything from recording and live tracking to mastering, production and composing background scores.

Testimonial: “I’ve heard great things about the dedication and out-of-the-box methods of those who run this space. Ritwik and Amar have produced some incredible-sounding albums.”

Where: Lado Sarai, Delhi, India 110030

Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram or drop them a line at gharkarecordsonline@gmail.com


Kintsugi Studios

Kintsugi Studios’ founder, Abhishek has done it up painstakingly so that it’s full of good vibes. It has a great control room, a lovely balcony and the recording room (while slightly small) does what its meant to. Abhishek also hosts Kintsugi Sessions regularly and invites people to play the songs they’ve recorded.

Testimonial: “Although I’ve never recorded here, I’ve worked with Abhishek and he’s awesome. Calm, composed and methodical, he manages to get what is required without raising his voice or losing his cool. He’s also the right person to talk to about video.”

Where: 80-D, 3rd Floor, Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi, 110025

Connect with Kintsugi Studios on Facebook and Instagram.


Katharas Studios

An independent art promotion wing of Saraswati Music College, Katharas Studios is centrally-located, has large audio recording studios with state-of-the-art equipment, a 1,400 sq. ft. video production facility and a 24-hour jamming station.

Testimonial: “ I’ve recorded a few songs here and, although the space is nice and the equipment is all there, you need to take a producer with you since their methods are a little old-school.”

Where: A-1, 226, Safdarjung Enclave, Block A 1, Nauroji Nagar, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029

Connect with them here.

Think you need a fancy studio to make music? Kendrick Lamar’s producer disagrees…..

Ask any musician and they’ll tell you that having an expensive studio and lots of equipment is the key to making a great record. With so much emphasis being given on production values these days, people often think that without the gear and the right equipment, they don’t have a shot at making great music. Armed with an iPhone and a gadget called the iRig, Kendrick Lamar’s producer, Steve Lacy, the guy who made the beat for the hit single “Pride(Damn. 2017) chooses to disagree. When his request for a MacBook for 4 Christmas’ straight was denied, he gave up and started exploring beat making apps on his old iPod Touch. With apps such as GarageBand, iMPC and BeatMaker 2, he realized the process of making music on the phone was actually rather handy. Without having to worry too much on the sounds, he could capture the essence of the idea and get into the groove of things much sooner. Being a guitarist, he wanted to ideate by recording guitar lines and soon got himself an iRig, a small, cheap device that lets you record audio into your Apple Device using the lightning connector found on iPhones. In a recent interview, Lacy revealed that he loved to make music wherever he went, like in the car while driving (not recommended and very dangerous!). Apart from the flexibility of writing anywhere, he also does this to prove a point to an industry increasingly obsessed with gear and production. He wishes people start focussing on the music and the performance more than the gear used to record it (I’ve been guilty of this in the past too, but have over time realized that a great song is a great song, no matter how its produced).

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The most important thing, in my humble opinion, is the music. Does it move you? Does it move others? Sure, in an ideal world, we would all love to have unlimited access to Abbey Road Studios and spend months working on our albums there. But in the real world, isn’t it amazing to have the ability to capture an idea there and then? Capture the essence of the song, the very thing that makes it special at the moment and freezes it so the song stays special?

That being said, once the initial song has been put down on a portable device, it is best to finish it off using a computer with proper gear. Music production skills are a must-have in today’s day and age where musicians have to be their own recording engineers, producers, and marketers. Without adequate production know how it’s almost impossible to survive in the business of making music.

Steve Lacy’s inspiring story has a lot of takeaways, but the most relevant for me were ;

• BE READY: Inspiration can strike anywhere; in the shower, while walking, driving or doing any of the other mundane activities we tend to do every day. We need to be ready to capture it and for that, you should familiarise yourself with music making apps such as GarageBand to make sure a great idea is not forgotten (it’s very irritating, trust me)

• BE OPEN: Keep yourself open to new ideas and don’t disregard something just because its simple..oftentimes the simplest way is the most effective.

• KEEP WRITING : Write every day, even if there is no inspiration so that when it does strike, you know where to take it.

• STAY RELEVANT: With technology advancing so quickly, learn about all that is new and don’t ignore where the world is going. It’s easy to get comfortable with what you know, but if you don’t know what’s current, you’re going to be a dinosaur in an industry that changes every day.

Learn how to produce your own music on anything from an app to industry standard software by signing up for the Electronic Music Production capsule course where we provide experiential learning taught by industry leaders!

Did you download GarageBand or any of these music-making apps and start tinkering about? I hope this inspired you to write music and if it did, I’d love to hear your thoughts and your music. Mail me at srijan@projectmynt.com and I shall write back to you as soon as possible!

Are you a teenager in India who loves electronic music? Read this!

So first of all,

No, you don’t need to spend lacs of rupees. No, you don’t need to be ‘in’ with the music industry anymore. And no, you certainly don’t need braids, a beard or a pimped belly to produce music.

If you’re reading this then it means you have as good a shot at making electro music as Zedd. Times have changed. Making music is easier than ever before! All you need is a computer, a software, and a pair of headphones. Apart from those 3? Well, don’t forget your creativity and spunk. Welcome to the world of electronic music.

Like we say, 15 or 50, you’re never too young or too old to learn something fun! The thought of creating music itself is so relieving, isn’t it? But let’s admit it, the idea of having people dance to your beats sounds pretty cool, especially if you’re just a teenager. Also, your parents may not mind it, given the insane early on developments one experiences while developing music – we’re talking language development, increased IQ, improved spatial skills!

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As for those of you still thinking, “Nope.. can’t be that easy, smh”

It is. It’s all about the simple blend of three acts, just as there’s a start-mid-end to anything!


Let’s imagine you’re making yourself a smoothie, what’s the process?

Gather the ingredients – Say you get a few superfruits, some nuts, berries, figs, and whatnot. In terms of music, it’s just as simple as finding and gathering ideas – beats, melodies, sounds, progressions, and more; creation.

Blend it up mix up all the fruits, see those different shades of colors blend into one. In E-music, it’s as simple as this smoothie, only difference is in music you structure it. Vocals, beats, effects, collate it in the sequence to create one sound; arrangement.

Top it up – Pour it, take a sip, see what it tastes like. Needs a little something less or more? Have at it! Your electro track is almost there, just needs a bit of refinement – tweak a sound, edit the flow or just adjust the levels, make it tasty; refinement.

See? Making electronic music isn’t easy because it doesn’t take time and you get instant gratification, it’s easy because it’s as accessible to you as it is to Daft Punk or Ingrosso or as it was to Avicii. That’s what makes it all the more exciting!

And apart from that, it takes so little of your day that it gives you the freedom to explore other creatives avenues.  

So, think E-music production is your next thing? Enrol now