What is The Internet of Things & Why Are People Talking About It?

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace, and technology has become an integral part of our lives over the last few decades. There are a plethora of devices that we use to make our everyday tasks easier including our smartphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth trackers, smart door locks, and these have impacted our lives so much that we can’t really imagine our lives to be same without them. And this is only the beginning; trends suggest that technology will become an even greater part of our lives in the coming years.  Let’s have a look at how Internet Of Things is bringing a change into our lives. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Imagine this: the alarm clock on your side table rings at 6 AM and alerts your water heater to start heating water. Once you finish your bath, the geyser sends a signal to your coffee maker to start brewing coffee which you sip on, on your way to work. Sounds like the future? Actually, all of this is possible in the present because of the Internet of things. IoT is a concept which can enable connectivity between all the physical devices, through the internet, making them even more convenient for you to use. The device is no longer related to just the user, but it’s now connected to surrounding devices and database itself. In a nutshell, IoT is going to revolutionise the way we interact with technology and will essentially change the way we operate in our everyday lives.

What is the scope of IoT?

In India, IoT may still take years to flourish but it is definitely booming among customers and industries worldwide. IoT is impacting many industries including healthcare, farming, telecom, retail, transportation worldwide. However, in India, it will have several other uses based on the country’s demographics and cultural set-up. The kind of technology that IoT supports can impact our surroundings in many ways apart from providing affordable wireless technology where data is transmitted into the cloud at a component level and is slowly shaping up to be the next big thing in the technology industry. Be it across society or inside the home, the IoT is a revolution that guarantees to change people’s lives, forever. 

Role of IoT in Industry

So, it’s clear that the Internet of things has a lot of potential and scope in the future. It’s a platform which can help organizations reduce cost by improving efficiency, productivity, and asset utilisation. Let’s see how IoT is helping some of the industries:


IoT has the potential to bring about a revolution in the process of treatment and diagnosis of diseases. Embedding medical equipment with IoT devices will help in monitoring patients more effectively, which will lead to improved patient quality of life. Personal fitness and wellness trackers are already gaining popularity and this real-time monitoring gives data which can provide a holistic view of a patient’s medical history and their current health, as well as identifying trends that may need medical support.


Connected smart cars have the ability to sense, analyze and make decisions based on information gathered from the surroundings. Through real-time traffic updates, these cars can optimise traffic routes, avoid accidents and maintain a level of safety that was previously very tough to achieve. Driverless cars and other automobiles are going to rule the future and soon enough we might see them on our roads.


The agriculture industry is embracing IoT in a big way. Applications that are significantly helping the industry include smart sensors to remotely monitor and control pumps and equipment, chemical levels, air quality, and soil quality. Farmers are now able to collect relevant data about their crops which can be analysed to sense the best times to plant crops and how to optimise their yield.


IoT with the manufacturing industry is another a win-win partnership. Manufacturers across most areas including automotive and electronics have invested in smart sensors and machine learning to make in-line adjustments to the process. Many manufacturers have already started using IoT solutions to track assets in their factories, consolidating their control rooms and increasing their analytics functionality through the installation of predictive maintenance systems.

The ideas discussed here barely skim the surface of the deep sea of possibilities of IoT, where everyone has a shared vision of making this world ‘smart’.

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