Ideas To Start-Up!

A few years into a regular job and everyone aspires to create something of their own; to have their own start-up. It could be a business, chain of retail outlets, smart product or pioneering invention. And while some never act on this impulse, others start off on this pursuit while they’re very young. If you belong to the latter, know this: the feeling of owning a company that you have built from the ground-up is glorious. But before you quit your day job (or even classroom education), make sure you’re aware of what lies ahead on this path. 

Here’s what you should do if you want to turn your million-dollar idea into a successful start-up: 

Search and Test The Market 

This is all about understanding why your product or start-up is even needed in the first place. Our own ideas can never be flawed in our own eyes. It’s hard to be objective towards a product of your own imagination. So, do the work. Find out if there are other people doing the same thing. Yes? Then find out where they are doing it, how well they are doing it, are people buying it and what they could be doing better. After this, you need to create a proof of concept – a market test to gauge consumer response. After validating your idea, secure it via IPs or patents. 

Always Have a Plan B

Now, you’ve tested the waters and know there’s a market for what you have to offer. So what’s next? Chart out a practical business plan for the next five years that highlights what your numbers will be in the future. Right from the capital that you burn to produce the product, expenses of a growing workforce and miscellaneous costs, put down everything.  

Here’s how you can make one for yourself. 

Build a Brand

More than the product or service, people buy your vision for your start-up. There’s a reason why hundreds of companies across the globe sell coffee, a product that (for the most part) is the same. Compare a Café Coffee Day with Starbucks, and see which one you prefer and why. Consumers have different preferences and spending patterns that different companies can leverage to their advantage.

Your brand is your identity, the reason why people come to you in the first place. So tell your story in an engaging, visual and witty manner so they subscribe to it. While you do that, understand that the first few members of your team will be the heart and soul of your brand so hire these people wisely.  

Remember, an amazing brand identity will be your greatest source of free marketing. 

Make Your Product Go Viral

Lucky for you, it doesn’t take that long to find out whether people love your product. The world of offline marketing has been washed away by digital media. Take up social platforms, create a compelling online identity for your brand and start promoting. Once you have some consumer data, analyse what works and what doesn’t—timings, gender, age group and so on. All of this is crucial to help you optimise your sales. 

After you’ve attained a smooth inflow of income and outflow of your product, it’s safe to assume that you’ve built a solid foundation for your company. Now it deserves all your time and attention; make it fly. 

If you have any queries regarding your own start-up brand, then just leave a comment below. It could even just be your idea. I’d love to hear you out and help you as much as I can!

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Things happen when you least expect them, at least in my case this stands true!  I really feel that many teenagers would relate to my story, the reason why I’m sharing it here with you all. So, just sit back and go with the flow.

It all started when I was 5 years old. I come from any other ordinary Indian family where I wasn’t given the opportunity to pursue my dream. My dad is a self-made businessman and obviously wanted me to take over his business eventually, but destiny has a big role to play in my story.

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The advent of MUSIC in my life!

My 4th birthday partially changed my life when I was exposed to a new object called a ‘musical instrument’. I remember, my brother had got his mini-keyboard to play ‘happy birthday’ for me. I was truly fascinated by the sound of the instrument and the kind of talent he had. At that age itself, I knew what I wanted to pursue and what I wanted to become. Having said that, I asked my parents to buy me a keyboard the very next day!

Evidently, I didn’t know how to play so I started experimenting. In a few days, I got the hang of it and finally signed up for piano classes at the Theme School of Music, Trinity. I always had an inclination towards Bollywood/Hindustani classical music, the reason why Theme school was not my cup of tea. I struggled there for about two years and then decided to compose my own music.

Meeting my Guru – The beginning of a happy-go-lucky phase

At the age of 9, I started performing at family functions and small cafes, until I came across my ‘Guru’. I still remember performing at a Delhi restaurant when my Guru – the legendary Brian Silas was truly fascinated by how I was playing. It was then when he came to me and gave me the wonderful opportunity to learn piano from him.

We both didn’t have a typical teacher-student relationship where he was only teaching me for a commercial aspect. He treated me like his own son and wanted me to be a successful musician more than I did. He often took me for his shows and for PR events where I would meet all the legends of the industry. Opportunities started coming my way and I was also in charge of taking care of any event which took place in school. I was considered as a trendsetter when I was a part of kick-starting a band competition called ‘SAARANG’. This competition is now held in mostly all the private schools across India.

During my college days, I realised that music is the biggest asset I have been blessed with and I must pursue it. By now, I was an expert at playing 11 different instruments including the tabla, dholak, melodica, ukulele, etc, and was also working on my vocal skills side by side. Eventually, I got the opportunity of becoming the ‘Events In-charge’ of my college and be the in-charge of handling all the events which took place there.

After spring, comes fall.

I was very satisfied with the way I was growing but, my parents were skeptical about pursuing music as a career. I was truly passionate about music and did everything I could to convince them. I would often end up fighting and arguing with my parents to win the battle but unfortunately failed to do so.  The demotivation came along when I didn’t get the support that I required.  The sad truth is that the world knew that I was good at it and could make a future but still didn’t support me for their own reasons and logic. I eventually quit playing sports, stopped going to college and stopped engaging in social interactions because of the mental trauma I was going through.

It was a struggle convincing them and I eventually broke down. Secretly, I also wrote a mail to the A.R.Rahman School of Music and was qualified to join it, but obviously, no one was supportive of it and eventually had to decline the offer. The struggle was real.

Music, for me, was a way to express my feelings and thoughts. I started composing songs through which I could express my feelings and finally started posting videos on social media. Things started to change, I started getting appreciation from my folks. However, I had no option but to bow down to my societal pressure.

Faith is all you need.

In 2018, I finally chose the business path and came back to India. I started working at Wizcraft until I stumbled upon this opportunity called Project MyNT. The idea of MyNT came to us because we all were sailing in the same boat! We all couldn’t pursue our dreams due to the lack of opportunities coupled with social and family barriers where the concept of having a ‘safe’ job mattered a lot.

Finally, I decided that I won’t let any other kid go through the same problem, and that’s when Project MyNT was born. Our aim is to target all those students who go through the same problem. We want to give anyone and everyone an opportunity to pursue their unconventional paths. We treat this as an educational movement to bring some change in the society by introducing these unconventional career opportunities.

I believe, MyNT has made me realise that one should always listen to his/her heart and pursue those dreams no matter what. Everyone has to stand up for themselves eventually and so will I by pursuing music now, because – my life, my rules!!