Ideas To Start-Up!

A few years into a regular job and everyone aspires to create something of their own; to have their own start-up. It could be a business, chain of retail outlets, smart product or pioneering invention. And while some never act on this impulse, others start off on this pursuit while they’re very young. If you belong to the latter, know this: the feeling of owning a company that you have built from the ground-up is glorious. But before you quit your day job (or even classroom education), make sure you’re aware of what lies ahead on this path. 

Here’s what you should do if you want to turn your million-dollar idea into a successful start-up: 

Search and Test The Market 

This is all about understanding why your product or start-up is even needed in the first place. Our own ideas can never be flawed in our own eyes. It’s hard to be objective towards a product of your own imagination. So, do the work. Find out if there are other people doing the same thing. Yes? Then find out where they are doing it, how well they are doing it, are people buying it and what they could be doing better. After this, you need to create a proof of concept – a market test to gauge consumer response. After validating your idea, secure it via IPs or patents. 

Always Have a Plan B

Now, you’ve tested the waters and know there’s a market for what you have to offer. So what’s next? Chart out a practical business plan for the next five years that highlights what your numbers will be in the future. Right from the capital that you burn to produce the product, expenses of a growing workforce and miscellaneous costs, put down everything.  

Here’s how you can make one for yourself. 

Build a Brand

More than the product or service, people buy your vision for your start-up. There’s a reason why hundreds of companies across the globe sell coffee, a product that (for the most part) is the same. Compare a Café Coffee Day with Starbucks, and see which one you prefer and why. Consumers have different preferences and spending patterns that different companies can leverage to their advantage.

Your brand is your identity, the reason why people come to you in the first place. So tell your story in an engaging, visual and witty manner so they subscribe to it. While you do that, understand that the first few members of your team will be the heart and soul of your brand so hire these people wisely.  

Remember, an amazing brand identity will be your greatest source of free marketing. 

Make Your Product Go Viral

Lucky for you, it doesn’t take that long to find out whether people love your product. The world of offline marketing has been washed away by digital media. Take up social platforms, create a compelling online identity for your brand and start promoting. Once you have some consumer data, analyse what works and what doesn’t—timings, gender, age group and so on. All of this is crucial to help you optimise your sales. 

After you’ve attained a smooth inflow of income and outflow of your product, it’s safe to assume that you’ve built a solid foundation for your company. Now it deserves all your time and attention; make it fly. 

If you have any queries regarding your own start-up brand, then just leave a comment below. It could even just be your idea. I’d love to hear you out and help you as much as I can!

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4 Things To Think About Career Before You Pick Your Stream In Class 11

From what to know to what to avoid, here’s what you should be focusing on when choosing a career. 

It’s the year 2008 and you’re about to go off to college, at a time when the world is still discovering social media. A world of possibilities lies ahead of you, and this is the beginning of your future. You can decide what you want to your career to be by carefully examining and evaluating careers that didn’t even exist a decade ago. In all probability, the field you’re thinking of joining was either not very famous or even completely non-existent at that time. This is the boon of living in 2019. The world is flexible, reachable, and responsive from the go. Two decades ago, you probably couldn’t even imagine stepping into something called Data Science or Digital Marketer. Now is the time. This is your time. 

So, how do you go about it?

Firstly, if you haven’t chosen a stream in 10th then you’ll want to use this time to decide where your interests lie and what you’re good at it., It’s that simple! Don’t think computers or commerce, think about your hobbies, your passion, subjects that you know you’d love to deep-dive into.  

The ordinary and unsound approach is – 

They ask you to pick a stream. You do. 

They ask you to choose a course and a college. You make a choice. 

They ask you to get an internship or give you one. You get it. 

Then you ask yourself, “Do I really want to be doing this?”

That’s where the problem is. Reverse the cycle! It’s really that simple. 

Don’t worry about picking a profession at this stage; instead, think about what it is that you’re good at and you enjoy doing. These are the two most important factors. The money and the recognition come later. 

Explore and experience

When I was younger, I used to go to my older cousin’s office every once in a while. Back in 2011, he had founded his own company after having worked for a few years in his field, and he was the first entrepreneur I ever met. In retrospect, he was the person who made me fall in love with entrepreneurship. This couldn’t have happened with me sitting in a class room. So after school, start visiting workspaces of those professions that you think you’d like. 

The vibe, the people, how they function, notice everything and then write off the ones that don’t appeal to you at all. Slowly and steadily you’ll see how it all starts making sense. You’ll notice how multiple careers start with a single stream, giving you that much more confidence and clarity in what you want to choose and pursue in school as a start. 


Such a big word, isn’t it? Networking! It’s all a big hoax, honestly. We humans start networking the second we’re able to talk and the minute we’re able to have a conversation. There’s nothing complex about it. Everyone can do it. How? What was your last outing? Think about that. How many people did you speak to? Bet there weren’t people from just one age group. What were you doing? You were networking. People are your greatest asset in life. 15 or 50, that holds true for everyone. 

Reach out to the people you confide in. They could be your school mates or even friends of your parents. Keep in touch. Talk to them, ask them, seek them out so they can help you understand where your interests lie. You never know what insight you might end up with. 

Rewards are king

When I was younger, people (including those closest to me), used to tell me how badly they wanted to become rich, there a few who wanted to become famous, there were also those who said they just wanted to own the most expensive car in the world. The point is that people are always telling you what they want in return for what they do, the things which drive them. I just never paid that much attention back then. 

Notice that about yourself – what sort of riches are you looking for in return? Let that become your greatest motivation and don’t wait till you start working. Dream it, plan it, and start building it – right now. I promise you, it’ll come in abundance if you’re sure of it.  

Use your worldwide reach

Can we please realize that we’re living in 2019? The time where you can literally call anybody to see their face at any time, for free. Use that. Reach out to icons that work in a career field that you’re interested in, tell them what you’re thinking about, ask them whatever you want. Use their experience to define how good yours is going to be. And don’t worry about them not replying, if you reach out to ten people, you can be sure one of them will respond. 

This is also a great way of networking, by the way. There’s literally no one that can’t be reached out to today. Use it in your favor. 

These four factors are something that won’t just help you choose a career, but will ensure that you end up picking more than a stream in school or a course in college. It’ll help you find out your passion and help you get where you want to be. 

If you’re still confused about your career, reach out to us in the comments below, we’d love to help! 



5 ways to Change your Passion into a Successful Career

“Discover your Passion.” “Follow your Heart.” “Make your Passion your Paycheck”

We all must have heard these bits of advice every now and then from super-successful people in various talks and speeches. And although it sounds very easy, it isn’t. Finding your passion seems like a mystery and we all search for the key to solve this mystery. It is said that your passion can take you places. We at Mynt believe that it takes to place where you should really be. As India’s First Experiential Learning Platform, we believe that you can do everything as long as you have the passion, determination, motivation, support, guidance and right direction.

The problem with finding a passion especially at a younger age, when you have limitless choices for what to do, which vocations to choose that could become your passion etc. can sometimes put you in a fix! You may ask yourself the right questions. You may think about what you love more. But still won’t be sure what your true passion is. Well, the solution is here  – we help you in deciphering the right road map for your career.

Now that you have successfully graduated from your school or college, it’s a high time to move on and to make wise choices with regard to what you really want for your lives. In order to fast-track your careers, you need to be ‘First time Right’ as you make decisions and choose your options. To help you make the right decision and find your ‘Next Thing’, we bring you first-hand experience of the ‘next-generation’ careers that will take over the world tomorrow. Our aim is to empower students with experiential learning and all the essential knowledge they require before selecting one of these ‘next-generation’ careers. Take a look at a few of them:  


“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen” and only those who dare to follow their passion make them happen. There are thousands of people who dream about starting their business but there are only a few who actually become entrepreneurs. So, if you desire to be your own boss and have better control, have the enthusiasm to take risks in the changing global environment, aim to develop and implement a plan right from the ground level, then this course is definitely for you!

Our entrepreneurship capsule is designed with the aim to provide you an insight into the ecosystem of start-ups, to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of solving real-world problems and make better-informed key decisions. Come and explore more!



Well, maybe you’re just inquisitive about photography or perhaps you do it as a hobby but aren’t sure whether you should really dive into it. Photography may be a passion for many but there are only a few who actually make it their career. Just like many other students, you must be in a dilemma whether to make photography as your ‘next thing’ or not? But, we assure you that after joining our capsule course you will keep your doubts aside and will get convinced that photography is an amazing skill to develop.

So, if you are passionate about freezing moments that will be cherished for generations or want to make your photographs popular on Instagram, then this course is for you!



Lights, Camera, Action!

If you’re an artistic soul who dreams of making their own silver-screen sensation, then probably you don’t need many reasons as to why you should turn your passion into a career. The global film industry has enlarged with the increasing popularity of Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. This has led to an increase in the demand of aspiring directors, cinematographers, and other filmmaking professionals. At Mynt, we introduce you to the vast world of filmmaking and cinema, enabling you to think like a filmmaker and make better-informed key decisions regarding further exploration in the field. So, join us to let your ideas come to life.


Electronic Music Production

Are you passionate about music and want to make people groove on your tracks but not sure whether music production is your calling in life? Don’t worry, take our Electronic Music Production Capsule and gain a clear idea about your future as a musician.

Set yourself apart from the crowd, by discovering and bringing out your creativity and artistic vision and understand the art of music production from India’s favourite music ensembles.

Internet of Things

Technology is here to stay! We all utilize it in our day to day life whether it is banking, shopping, or offices – have you ever calculate how many times a day do you use google? The Internet has today become an essential part of our life and from smart home devices to self-driven cars, IoT has created a giant network connecting all devices together. So, if you are a cybernaut who is in love with technology and want to discover its possibilities and abilities, then this course is for you! Explore the opportunities and gain insights into the vast world of “Internet of Things” from industry experts and make that right decision in your life.

If you’re having a tough time deciding what to choose as a career option, how to pursue your passion or how to change a passion into a successful career, then we are here to help you!

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