Are you an early adopter of Internet Solutions?

Curated and delivered by Deepak Solanki - Inventor of LiFi, Founder, Velmenni

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The digital revolution that has boomed in the past few years has resulted in creating an opportunity to connect everything to the ‘internet’. This advancement in technology has made a widespread adoption of IoT possible at a scale never thought of before. From smart home devices that are becoming increasingly popular to the self-driving cars which are solving the problem of traffic, time and manpower, the world looks like its headed into a very exciting era of computing and technology.

In our IoT capsule, we explore an overview of exciting and relevant technical areas essential to experimentation and the creation of something new in the domain. We also explore the opportunities and challenges to IoT development and learn how to take advantage of this new era of technology with respect to your career.

The capsule will provide you with a complete hands-on experience to do exciting projects in the lab, learn the underlying principles and architecture of networks, devices, programming, and much more!

Who is this for

15 or 50, this course is for any visionary who believes that their idea could be the next big thing. Our curriculum is tailored to explain and train those who are interested in learning the A to Z of Entrepreneurship!

Are you an early adopter of Internet Solutions?

Curated and delivered by Deepak Solanki - Inventor of LiFi, Founder, Velmenni

What all will you learn?

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Who is an entrepreneur? What kinds of entrepreneurs are out there? What’s the difference between an entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur? Explore everything basic about entrepreneurship.

As the saying goes, “Ideas are cheap. Execution is key.” But there is no execution without that idea. Learn how to turn your innovative idea from just a thought to the point of execution.

Before execution an entrepreneur has to validate the idea. This is where research and planning come in. Understand the mechanics of assumption and validation while learning how to draft your business plan.

You are as good as the people you invest in. Learn how to go about building your core team and define clear key responsibility areas for everyone, all of this and more while bootstrapping your way through.

Now that you have the team in place, it’s time to build the brand. From registering your company to understanding compliances, learn how to smartly tackle it all without wasting a dime or a minute.

What’s a proof of concept? Why do you need one? How do you attract the initial funds to finance your product? How do you pitch for these funds? A concoction of mantras to further your business.

Your investors are your backbone. Grasp the culture of investments and of understanding what makes a good investor while you traverse through the stages of your start-up.

How exactly do you go about fetching investments from your potential investors? From pitching to onboarding, excel the know-how of the investment process.

Every time somebody invests in your company, there’s a certain share of it that you dilute. Learn what all you need to be cautious of while you journey through those rounds of investments.

Till now we’ve learned how you can convert that idea into a successful business. Once the business succeeds, you need to know how to reward yourself for the risks you’ve taken! Secure your interests.

Time to put the money where your mouth is! Pitch your brave idea in front of the world while utilizing all that you’ve learned so far.

Expose yourself to the start-up culture. Come, talk, explore, and spend a day in the lives of entrepreneurs!

Are you an early adopter of Internet Solutions?

Curated and delivered by Deepak Solanki - Inventor of LiFi, Founder, Velmenni


Faculty Name

Faculty Name

Faculty Designation




Inventor/Founder, Velmenni

Are you an early adopter of Internet Solutions?

Curated and delivered by Deepak Solanki - Inventor of LiFi, Founder, Velmenni


This course is based on freshly curated curriculum to inform and motivate someone who’s looking to build a product or business. It serves as the perfect first step for anyone who’s looking to start their entrepreneurial journey!

No, there isn’t a trial period, however, our executives are happy to answer any queries that you may have regarding the course. Also, to help you make an informed decision, the overview of the curriculum can be downloaded where the curriculum is listed.

Yes, our faculties are few of the most well-known faces across industries and are systematically selected. They mentor all the attending strength for till the end of the duration of the course with a direct emphasis on immersive learning experiences.

At MyNT, every (school/college) student is given the opportunity to strive beyond the classrooms. As a part of their program, each student is provided a guaranteed internship at a start-up where they get real-world experience and exposure to the world of entrepreneurship!

There are no prerequisites for this course. Anyone and everyone who’s inclined towards learning about Entrepreneurship can pursue it.

Depending on what’s decided with the concerned institution or individual(s), the sessions are planned and scheduled to suit the availability of all those attending it.

This course spans across 12 sessions which need to be completed within the mutually agreed time frame.

No. The structuring of this course does not allow us to pause the course and adheres to a consistent, pre-decided schedule that the individual or institution may agree to at the time of finalizing.

No. The course’s start and end date are fixated before its initiation. All classes and assignments are to be completed in the provided time frames so as to ensure equal opportunity for all those attending the course. However, the timelines are decided with the concerned individual(s) or institutions so there’s flexibility provisioned prior to the beginning of the course.

No, you don’t lose access. If due to any reason, a student of the course fails to complete it in said time then they’re still provided complete access to the curriculum.

No, you don’t lose access. Once a student completes the courses, they’re still given access to the entire curriculum so they can easily refer back to the modules they’ve covered.

Are you an early adopter of Internet Solutions?

Curated and delivered by Deepak Solanki - Inventor of LiFi, Founder, Velmenni

Fees Structure

S. No. Particulars Amount
1 Academic Fees Rs. 12,000/-
2 Tuition Fees Rs. 3,000/-
3 Other Expenses (Portal, Joining Kit, Certification etc.) Rs. 3,000/-
Total Payable Rs. 18,000/-

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