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What does it take to compose your own music today?

With most of the market dominated with the Electro genre, it’s hard to avoid the itch of learning how to compose your own music, now more than ever before, given the boom of digital enhancements and progressive tools.

This is an opportunity to create your very own music on standard industry software. Who knows, you just might end up creating sounds similar to that of your favorite DJs. So come, discover, and learn the art of producing Electronic music!

MyNT believes in creating opportunities for all. And as a part of this course, every student that enrolls is guaranteed an internship with renowned Music Producers where they’ll get the opportunity to further their learning experience in a live environment.

Who is this for

Are you someone who passionately follows artists and musicians? Or maybe you’re just somebody who has an ear for good music! 15 or 50, this course is devised to suit all age groups.

About the mentor


Srijan Mahajan, Musician

Drummer with Parikrama, Half Step Down, FuzzCulture, Shubha Mudgal, Cyanide Co-founder at StudioFuzz

He fell in love with music at a very young age.

Srijan, who started playing instruments at just 9 years old, has been actively producing music for film and television for over 5 years in Mumbai with his venture, Studio Fuzz. As for drumming, he’s been a part of some of India’s most prominent bands for over a decade and continues to play till date.

He believes anybody with a pair of ears and hands should make music at least once in their lifetime.

What all will you learn?

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99% of the music we hear today is from the digital realm. So what do you need to know to produce music in the digital space? What are the core differences between electronic and digital recordings? Find out this and much more during this opening session!

From scales to progressions, learn the basics of music while deconstructing the trending tracks of today!

What is a song made of? How do you structure it? What are rhythmic elements and how do you select sounds for different parts of the song? Explore it all!

Ever wanted to create your own groovy percussion heavy drum sequence? This is it. From understanding the role of the bass to choosing the right sounds to stack, discover this and much more during this immersive session.

How many sounds does it take to make a whole sound? Decode the arts of sound layering, melodic flourishes and more!

Contrary to popular belief, vocal recording today is about much more than just standing in a studio in front of a mic. Get answers to questions like what a studio environment is all about, what sort of gear is used in recording studios, all of this and more while we take you out to a professional recording studio!

Learn the techniques and tips to composing that one stellar take.

Now that your song’s journey’s about to end, it’s crucial to know button up the arrangement. Understand the comprehensive checklist for all things necessary before you proceed to mixing.

Editing parts of the song, importance of labeling and coloring, basic panning and balancing of all layers, all of these are crucial to the process of mixing. Learn it all!

Contemplate the importance of automation in tracks, learn compression techniques, and recognize the need for creating space mid-track!

Time to zoom out. Detail out the mix and learn how to put in the final touches. Understand the importance of sonic characters and how to evolve yours. Set up a master channel for volume and final compression. And, voila! Your track is ready.

It’s time to play and showcase your very first self-composed electronic track in the front of your peers.


This course is based on freshly curated curriculum to inform and motivate someone who’s keen on pursuing music production as a career or even as a hobby.

No, there isn’t a trial period, however, our executives are happy to answer any queries that you may have regarding the course. Also, to help you make an informed decision, the overview of the curriculum can be downloaded where the curriculum is listed.

Yes, our faculties are few of the most well-known faces across industries and are systematically selected. They mentor all the attending strength for till the end of the duration of the course with a direct emphasis on immersive learning experiences.

At MyNT, every (school/college) student is given the opportunity to strive beyond the classrooms. As a part of their program, each student is provided a guaranteed internship at a start-up where they get real-world experience and exposure to the world of entrepreneurship!

There are no prerequisites for this course. Anyone and everyone who’s inclined towards learning about Entrepreneurship can pursue it.

Depending on what’s decided with the concerned institution or individual(s), the sessions are planned and scheduled to suit the availability of all those attending it.

This course spans across 12 sessions which need to be completed within the mutually agreed time frame.

No. The structuring of this course does not allow us to pause the course and adheres to a consistent, pre-decided schedule that the individual or institution may agree to at the time of finalizing.

No. The course’s start and end date are fixated before its initiation. All classes and assignments are to be completed in the provided time frames so as to ensure equal opportunity for all those attending the course. However, the timelines are decided with the concerned individual(s) or institutions so there’s flexibility provisioned prior to the beginning of the course.

No, you don’t lose access. If, due to any reason, a student of the course fails to complete it in said time then they’re still provided complete access to the curriculum.

No, you don’t lose access. Once a student completes the courses, they’re still given access to the entire curriculum so they can easily refer back to the modules they’ve covered.

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